Dumping MySQL databases with BackupPC

I'm using automysqlbackup to handle my MySQL dumps. This worked well when launched in a shell, but when BackupPC ran the exact same command as user backuppc, it failed: Backup failed on example.com (DumpPreUserCmd returned error status 256)

After some digging, I found the actual error from the backup script: mkfifo: cannot create fifo `mypipe': Permission denied

or as automysqlbackup calls it: Error: Failed to create the named pipe (fifo) for reading in all databases. Exiting.

My workaround: create a simple wrapper script that calls the automysqlbackup script.

cd ${HOME}
/usr/local/bin/automysqlbackup /etc/automysqlbackup/$(hostname -f).conf
exit $?

Granted, this doesn't solve the actual problem, but at least automysqlbackup dumps my DBs.

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